Rejuvenation the eyes – How to have beautiful and young eyes?


Ageing is along with appearing the wrinkles around the eyes. In addition to aging, dimples and dark circles under the eyes are among the factors that may reduce the beauty of your face.

The best and most effective method available to reduce skin wrinkles around the eyes is filler injection, which can also be used to fill all fine lines on the face. furthermore, filler injection increases the moisture of skin and increases its flexibility.

Among these fillers, we can mention “INOVOSENSE” hyaluronic acid filler, whose silk type can be used to correct the lines around the eyes (crow’s feet), fill the dimples under the eyes and also correct wrinkles under the eyes. To restore freshness and rejuvenate the skin in different areas of the face, including the sensitive areas around the eyes, it is recommended to use INOVOSENSE SHINE, which have high hydration properties. In addition to filler injections, the use of other treatment methods such as Mesoneedling will also help to correct fine lines around the eyes as well as to decrease darkness under the eyes.


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