Medisa Ara Gostar company as one of the developer in the field of aesthetic and health has started its activity with the aim of promoting the overall health condition and increasing people’s lifestyle quality. Based on the knowledge and experiences we have gained over the years, we determined to manufacture a novel HA dermal filler by utilizing innovative and specific technology. Now, as a pioneer of dermal fillers manufacturers, we are pleased to introduce our new product called “INOVOSENSE” which would provide a sense of confidence for everyone who cares about his/her beauty.


INOVOSENSE® filler is manufactured by innovative technology which provides a range of dermal fillers for those who are looking for a younger and completely natural appearance. The variety of InovoSense fillers could be used for correction of wrinkles, restoration of facial volume loss, augmentation of the lips and cheeks volume, hydration and rejuvenation of the face and neck. Its advantages include fast, easy, and natural results. Also, the use of lidocaine in this product guarantees convenient and painless injection.







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