INOVOSENSE Filler Injection Workshop

کارگاه آموزشی جوانسازی: تزریق فیلر اینووسنس

The injection workshop of INOVOSENSE filler was held on Friday 9th of September 2022 with the presence of a group of esteemed skin specialists and residents of Rasoul Akram Hospital in the conference hall of Medisa Ara Gostar Company. In this event, the novel “INOVOSENSE” hyaluronic acid filler was introduced, then the Smile type was injected to patients by Dr. Behrangi, Dr. Bazargan, and Dr. Atefi in order to correct the nasolabial wrinkles, marionette lines, and lip volume. Also, INOVOSENSE Style filler was used for cheek volume. Finally, the event ended with a Q & A session among the audience.