The INOVOSENSE® dermal fillers are manufactured using our patented Modified Cross-linking Matrix (MXM®) technology to create a unique viscoelastic gel with a variable density of hyaluronic acid, which provides an appropriate filling, lifting, and volumizing of the skin.

PHASE 1: HA in its original form

PHASE 2: Linearization of the individual HMW* HA chains and process of physical cross-linking

PHASE 3: HA cross-linking process with BDDE

The highest cross-linking efficiency and safety gained by inputting the lowest amount of BDDE as a chemical catalyst material. Therefore, a high viscoelastic gel is manufactured.

PHASE 4: Utilization of individual LMW** HA chains and process of physical cross-linking

PHASE 5: Combination of cross-linked LMW** and HMW* HA chains

The rheological properties including cohesivity, elasticity, and plasticity will be optimized to match the needs of the targeted layer of the skin.

* HMW: High Molecular Weight

**LMW: Low Molecular Weight